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My Breads

About Me

Early Beginnings

After being trained at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Chef School, Alice worked for Allendale Bakery before setting up on her own. She now produces organic, artisan, rustic bread that uses local Gilchester's flour. She supplies other independant shops, delis and tearooms around Northumberland.

The Real Bread Campaign

The Real Bread Campaign is a nationwide campaign that promotes handcrafted bread that uses no preservatives, addatives or flavour inhancers. Alice is a proud member and  all of her bread uses the very best ingredients and predominately local Gilchester's flour. All of her doughs are slow proved for extra flavour as well as using natural starters for her sourdoughs. By doing this , Alice's Artisan Bakery bread has a fuller  flavour, crunchy crust and no guilt!

Where To Buy

I supply directly to: 

  • Deli at Number 4, Hexham
  • The Hextol Tans, Hexham
  • The Paddock, Rowlands Gill

Or email me at :